#Wólczanka Professionals

#Wólczanka Professionals is a series that has been living its own life in our social media channels for some time now. Here we present interesting people fascinated by their professional lives – professionals of various trades who chose Wólczanka shirts. Our heroes have included for example: an engineer, a teacher, managers, a furniture designer, an accountant, a programmer, entrepreneurs and musicians of the Wieniawa Orchestra, of which we are a partner – explains the project's assumptions Dariusz Jarzynka, the brand's creative director.  Charmed by the authenticity of our characters, their natural strength, credibility and diversity – we invited them to join our campaign for the autumn-winter 2019/2010 season, in which they became the authentic faces of the Wólczanka brand.


Out of several dozen participants of the #Professionals project, the brand selected eight for the next edition. Painter Marcin Telega, lawyer Gabriela Lenarczyk, writer Max Czornyj, illustrator Paulina Kielar, florist Jacek Batko, personal trainer Adrianna Palka, and owners of the hat shop Karolina Kasza and Boris Gall are the characters who were invited by Wólczanka to take part in a commercial photo shoot promoting the brand's collection for the autumn-winter 2019 season. Its results will be presented on display windows of boutiques all around Poland and in Wólczanka's press and Internet campaign.  The session by Agnieszka Rzymek is accompanied by short videos in which the characters talk about their work and define what professionalism means to them. The videos are made by Grzegorz Łach.


And here are the #Professionals:

Gabriela Lenarczyk – lawyer from Budzowska, Fiutowski and Partners law firm, specialising in medical errors, graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University and the London School of Economics. She is preparing her PhD thesis on the protection of subjective rights in the process of genetic data processing in the era of new technologies at the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences. As far as I am concerned, professionalism is the responsible pursuit of own professional passions; a balance between perfectionism and empathy.

Marcin Telega – Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Once a restorer of antique furniture, now a painter and founder of the Krakow School of Drawing and Painting Art Studnia. Author of many individual art exhibitions. His work is a combination of classical, mystical portrait and modern solid geometry. Professionalism is maturity in the pursuit of perfection.

Jacek Batko – his adventure with floristry started 20 years ago, in a small florist shop in Wieliczka. Contrary to what one might expect, this work is not easy, light and pleasant, but it gives a lot of satisfaction and opportunities. What he likes about being a florist is contact with people. He always tries to approach customers and meet their expectations. Working with flowers is his hobby. The florist's professionalism manifests itself in love for flowers, creativity and openness towards people. It's cool to do what you like – it's cool to be a florist.

Paulina Kielar – ilustrator, a happy mother and wife, citizen of Sanok. Painting accompanies her from her childhood. For her, it is both a form of relaxation and the possibility to express her vision in her works made for clients. She tries to make all her works different and unique, so that the person who orders her work could sense that she put her heart into it. The main themes are animals living in the picturesque Polish Bieszczady region.

Adrianna Palka – a well-known and valued runner and personal trainer. She had been an athlete for 9 years. Author of the "Train My Way" training method, which is followed by thousands of Polish women. She loves sport and cannot imagine working without people. She has an infectious passion for running, active lifestyle, healthy diet and self care. I understand professionalism as the sense of mission and commitment that accompanies me everyday.

Max Czornyj – a best-selling author of thrillers and detective stories. His books are published in hundreds of thousands of copies. A lawyer, who practiced law in Poland and Italy. As in a joke, he likes old wine, mouldy cheese and roofless cars. He is an enthusiast of gunpowder weapons – Colt and Remington revolvers. He collects antiques, mainly engravings, clocks, watches and also antique furniture. He likes playing chess, and he’s never played on a playstation. I understand professionalism as striving for perfection in every detail.

Karolina Kasza and Boris Gall – a Polish-French couple who love fashion and hats and run a boutique with hats in Krakow. Karolina and Boris have individual approach to each customer. In a delightful atmosphere of their "vintage butik", they help to choose an appropriate headwear that perfectly complements any look. Their goal is to bring back hats to the streets of Kraków. Karolina Kasza – Professionalism is knowledge and experience, gained throughout our entire lives and skillfully used in our business. Boris Gall – Professionalism is putting customers' needs before our own.


The first edition of the collection is now available in boutiques and the online store More models from the autumn-winter offer will be will be coming on sale successively during the whole season.