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Company started its activity in 1948, when Krakowskie Zakłady Przemysłu Odzieżowego (the Krakow Clothing Industry Factory) was established.

Along with the development and specialization of the business in 1961, the Company commenced production destined for export sales, and in 1966 a decision was made to discontinue the production of women's clothing in favour of men's clothing.

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The authorized share capital of VRG S.A. is divided into 234.455.840 regular bearer shares, which collectively amount to 234.455.840 votes at General Assembly of Shareholders VRG S.A.

Shareholders who, to the best of the Company's knowledge, hold, directly or indirectly through subsidiaries, at least 5% of the total number of votes at the General Meeting of Shareholders, currently hold in total 56.79% of votes at the General Meeting ...

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Stock quotes

Realtime Quotes [PLN]: 2.15
Former quotes: 2.04
12 August 2020, 17:15
Turnover [volume]: 83 312
12 August 2020, 17:15


  • Vistula

    Vistula- Spring/Summer Collection 2020

    An elegant classic and sophisticated chic with a touch of slack is the quintessence of the Vistula brand collection for the spring-summer 2020 season.

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  • Wólczanka

    Limited Collection inspired by Japan

    Creating our own projects, we often draw inspiration from travelling. Intrigued by Japanese design, we have created a limited collection, which is now in the hands of our Customers. Motifs classic for Japan, such as cherry blossom tree, ginkgo leaves or geometry of traditional kimonos are combined with...

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  • Deni Cler

    ORA ITALIANA! Italian tribute to feminine beauty - Deni Cler Collection JZ2019/20

    Soft, sublime, nonchalant. With respect to tradition, fascinated by modernity. Warm palette of colors, enriched with strong shades of dark chocolate, cinnamon, berry purple and green leaves of citrus trees growing on the southern hills of Italy. Expressive floral patterns. Elegant, businesslike silhouettes...

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  • W.Kruk

    That is the scent of shine W.KRUK collection of luxury fragrances

    W.KRUK presents a unique collection of eau de parfumes inspired by the rarest stones of the world - diamonds. Each of the W.KRUK fragrances makes the wearers experience sensual luxury. The same one that accompanies people surrounded by the most unique jewels.

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