The leader of the clothing industry in Poland

VRG S.A. deals with the design, production and distribution of the highest quality products dedicated to modern men and women. It is distinguished by a fresh look at fashion and refinement of the smallest details, and the unique collections of brands skillfully combine traditional tailoring, global trends and style classics.

The capital group includes Vistula, Bytom, Wólczanka, Deni Cler clothing brands and the jewellery brand W.KRUK.

Vistula is a leader on the market of men's clothing in Poland. Customers value the brand for its long-standing tradition, experience, high quality and excellent design. Wólczanka is a brand with nearly 70 years of tradition. Its key product is shirts sewn from the best quality fabrics imported from renowned world producers.

Franchise system

In response to market expectations and due to the strategy of dynamic expansion of VRG S.A. the franchise units development project was launched. Its main assumption is to build cooperation with a franchisee based on the principle of entrusted goods. The company offers for its part the sharing of business experience at every stage of the investment.

Starting from offering the Franchisee help in looking for a suitable place, through support related to running and running the institution ending. Responsibility for the process of optimization of stocking, logistics and selection of the most attractive products from the latest collections is on the side of VRG S.A. The franchisee receives the support of qualified staff from the Company, providing assistance in the areas of sales, visual merchandising, marketing, employee training and logistics.

Taking care of the fact that each branch of the commercial network is equally attractive and functional, our architects prepare a project of arranging the interior of a shopping unit in accordance with the policy and standards adopted for a given brand. In return for fruitful cooperation, we offer a sales commission of 30%.

The Vistula franchise system

The Vistula retail network includes 142 stores located in the best galleries and the largest shopping streets in Poland. We are currently looking for business partners who are ready to use their passion and experience in trading, running their own showroom in cities under 100,000. residents.

Expected sum of investments: max PLN 2,900 / m2 - the amount based on the condition of the opened premises.

Readiness to conclude a commercial premises lease agreement with an area of approx. 90–130 m2.

The franchisee bears all costs related to the opening of the premises and costs related to the current functioning of the Vistula store.

Wólczanka franchise system

The brand has a wide distribution network located in the largest Polish cities. Currently, it offers its products in nearly 137 prestigious locations.

Due to the dynamic development of the brand, we are looking for Partners who are willing to open a boutique on a franchise basis in cities under 100,000  residents.

Expected sum of investments: max 3900 PLN / m2 – the amount depends on the condition of the premises being opened.

Willingness to conclude a lease agreement for a business premises with an area of approx. 25-35 m2.

All costs related to the launch of the premises and costs related to the current functioning of the Wólczanka boutique shall be borne by the Franchisee.

In return for fruitful cooperation, we offer a sales commission of 30%.

Support and benefits for the franchisee

  • help in finding a location
  • ready interior design
  • computer equipment and software
  • logistics costs
  • optimization of stocking in accordance with the latest trends
  • Visual Merchandiser care
  • marketing support
  • training system
  • attractive loyalty systema
  • ffiliation to the prestigious clothing brands network
  • professional marketing support
  • access to professional sales tools
  • professional support of the headquarters, including the Regional Sales Manager.

If you are interested in our offer, please send a message to the address