The art of tailoring since 1945

BYTOM is a Polish brand with a history dating back to 1945, in which tradition meets the contemporary vision of tailoring and men's fashion. Basing on the heritage of a few decades, the company offers men's fashion collections, in which the legendary suits made of fine Italian fabrics, sewn in Polish sewing rooms, occupy a special place.

The suit as the first flagship product of the brand requiring the greatest tailoring craftsmanship among all the elements of the men's wardrobe is the core of the stylistically full collection, which also includes classic shirts, stylish coats, various sweaters, quality shoes, attractive accessories. A solid workshop, long standing practices allow obtaining products that live up to the most sophisticated tastes.

BYTOM is not just the art of tailoring. The brand refers to the Polish cultural heritage by creating limited collections inspired by the work of outstanding personalities and cooperating with people who significantly contribute to the development of Polish culture and art.

Contemporary male tailoring, upholding and reaching for Polish tradition and highlighting Polish origin have shaped the brand image for many years.