VRG S.A. on Stock Market

General data on the company's shares
Company's name: VRG S.A.
Stock Exchange name: VRG
Stock Market: Warsaw Stock Exchange Main Market S.A.
Index: sWIG80
Total number of shares traded: 234 455 840
Ticker: VRG

Shareholders structure

The authorized share capital of VRG S.A. is divided into 234.455.840 regular bearer shares, which collectively amount to 234.455.840 votes at General Assembly of Shareholders VRG S.A. („Company”).

The chart presents information concerning Shareholders who, according to the Company's knowledge, posess directly or indirectly through dependant entities at least 5% of the total number votes at the General Assembly of Shareholders.

  • 31.04%
    Shareholders' agreement (Jan Kolański, Colian sp. z o.o., Colian Developer sp. z o.o., Ipopema 21 FIZ Aktywów Niepublicznych, Colian Holding Sp. z o.o.)
  • 19.44%
    PZU „Złota Jesień” Open Pension Fund and PZU Voluntary Pension Fund
  • 13.97%
    Nationale-Nederlanden Open Pension Fund
  • 13.71%
    Jerzy Mazgaj
  • 21.84%

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