Limited Collection inspired by Japan

Creating our own projects, we often draw inspiration from travelling. Intrigued by Japanese design, we have created a limited collection, which is now in the hands of our Customers. Motifs classic for Japan, such as cherry blossom tree, ginkgo leaves or geometry of traditional kimonos are combined with modern postcard landscapes with snow-covered Mount Fuji in the main role. Our shirts, made of selected fabrics from the best suppliers in the world - including those from Japan - are the quintessence of elegance and timeless design.

The Cherry Blossom Country functions as a synonym of Japan in many European languages. What symbolism is hidden behind the image of blooming flowers? For the Japanese, it is primarily a representation of the key values of traditional Japanese aesthetics, which could be substitutes with the following terms: vanishing, subtlety, suggestiveness, elegance. Wólczanka has always wanted to emphasize elegance in its collections, which is why it is looking for various forms, also outside Poland. This is how the first in the history of the brand limited Collection inspired by Japan was created.

We smuggled to the collection motifs classic for Japan, such as:

- Gingko - synonymous with elegance and vitality, hope and brotherhood. It represents an optimistic view of the future, and at the same time it is strongly connected with the idea of longevity.

- The cherry blossom flower - with its short flowering period and subtle colour and fragrance perfectly reflects the moods of Japanese poetry, including the motifs of passing and death present in it. In the general consciousness of the Japanese, it functions as a sign of a new beginning. The period of cherry blossoming in central Japan (Tokyo - April) coincides with the beginning of the new school and fiscal year.

- Crane - a symbol of longevity, knowledge, wisdom and experience. According to Japanese legends, the crane is a bird that lives for 1000 years. Often, when preparing for a Japanese wedding, guests and their families lay 1000 origami cranes to ensure the happiness and prosperity of the young couple.

- Mount Fuji - the most famous tourist destination in Japan, both for Japanese citizens and for tourists. Every year more than 200,000 people climb the mountain. The mountain has been a place of shintoist worship since the 7th century.

The photos promoting the collection were taken in the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology, and the exhibition "Tokyo. Dragon and Dragon", which can be seen until 31 December 2019, served as a backdrop.

The shirts from the collection are available in the online store and in selected stationary boutiques of the brand. For detailed information please visit the website