W.KRUK presents the most modern face of diamond

W.KRUK, expert in the field of diamonds, presents the most modern face of the most precious jewelry stone in the world. New Diamond by W.KRUK is a unique diamond created in the laboratory. Spectacular and beautiful, with parameters identical to those of the traditionally mined diamond.  Pierścionek Doskonały ® (The Perfect Ring) and jewelry with white, pink and blue New Diamond by W.KRUK, created by man, fulfill the dream of extraordinary glow, in the most rare and desired colors.

New Diamonds by W.KRUK

W.KRUK presents beautiful and real, man-made diamonds. White, blue and pink New Diamonds by W.KRUK impress with high purity and color of the most desired jewelry stones of the world. New Diamond by W.KRUK have all the features of traditional diamonds. They are distinguished by the fact that they are made in laboratories as an expression of innovation and a response to the needs of the modern world. New Diamonds by W.KRUK are subject to the same rules of certification as diamonds mined using traditional methods. Thanks to innovative technology, colorful diamonds - blue or pink - so far ornamenting royal caskets, can now shine on you.

How a diamond is born
Thanks to the advancement of science, the fascinating stages in the formation of diamonds can now happen under human control at an accelerated speed. New Diamond by W.KRUK is created in laboratories of New York-based ALTR Created Diamonds company, using the most cutting-edge and breakthrough technologies. In order to create a new diamond, crumbs of the existing stones, which are called seeds, are subjected to multi-stage processes that reflect those taking place in the natural environment. ALTR Created Diamonds' experts are capable of reproducing exactly the same conditions as those in nature. The result of their work are raw New Diamonds by W.KRUK, with the properties of stones extracted from the mine.

Pierścionek Doskonały ®
The engagement ring Pierścionek Doskonały ® is an expression of beauty and a tribute to absolute perfection. The New Diamond by W.KRUK is set in the most perfect mathematical figure, i.e. the circle, thus it shines to the fullest of its power. The four-point crown of the ring reflects the world's directions, pointing north, south, east and west. Pierścionek Doskonały ® symbolizes the combination of modernity and science with nature, just like the man-made diamond. Pierścionek Doskonały ® is available in the following variants: white New Diamond by W.KRUK in yellow gold, pink New Diamond by W.KRUK in pink gold and blue New Diamond by W.KRUK, wrapped in white gold. Ideal in every respect. The collection is complemented by earrings and pendants with New Diamonds by W.KRUK. Pierścionek Doskonały ® and jewelry with New Diamond by W.KRUK are produced in W.KRUK Manufacturing plant and are available only in company stores and in online store.

Quality assurance and certification of New Diamond by W.KRUK 
It is impossible to distinguish a New Diamond by W.KRUK from a traditional diamond with the same parameters. Only specialized laboratories have the technology to identify them. As an expert in the field of diamonds, W.KRUK guarantees the highest quality of consultancy and informs precisely about the parameters offered jewelry stones on offer. Every New Diamond by W.KRUK is marked on the gridle with laser markings, both with W.KRUK logo and the ND marker, which are visible only at 10x magnification. Additionally, the jewelry decorated with New Diamond by W.KRUK is marked with a special "ND" engraving and has special certificates that guarantee both the authenticity and quality of the jewelry and of the stone itself. Apart from the certificate of W.KRUK diamond experts, the New Diamond by W.KRUK jewelry is accompanied by the ALTR Created Diamonds certificate. In addition, each of the products with a stone of 0.5 ct or more (as in the offer of traditional diamonds), also holds a certificate of the International Gemological Institute or an equivalent laboratory certificate.