That is the scent of shine W.KRUK collection of luxury fragrances

W.KRUK presents a unique collection of eau de parfumes inspired by the rarest stones of the world - diamonds. Each of the W.KRUK fragrances makes the wearers experience sensual luxury. The same one that accompanies people surrounded by the most unique jewels.

Modern and noble fragrance compositions, created on the basis of the most valuable haute parfumerie ingredients. W.KRUK presents a collection of delightful fragrances for women and men for the fall/winter 2019 season. They are an extraordinary object of desire, inspired by colorful diamonds. Their beauty and nobility were captured in the form of four perfumed waters.

Discover the glowing world of precious gemstones and unusual fragrances. W.KRUK collection is delightful not only because of original compositions, but also because of the precision of workmanship and attention to detail. Perfumed waters were decorated with a plaque made of real brass - a tribute to jewelry art, and the colors of W.KRUK ROSE, W.KRUK BLUE, W.KRUK PURE and W.KRUK BLACK bottles correspond to the colors of the most desired diamonds. This is true craftsmanship of fragrance in a unique manner.

With women in mind, W.KRUK has designed three variants of perfumed water - W.KRUK ROSE, W.KRUK PURE, W.KRUK BLACK.

W.KRUK ROSE is the essence of femininity in full bloom. It brings to mind the sensuality of pink diamonds, bathed in the light of dawn. Embracing floral notes, broken by the crispness of citrus, are complemented by a warm depth of pink gold.

The secret of W.KRUK BLUE's incredible energy lies in the contrasts. The fragrance is modern and transparent, like a blue diamond. It seems to be composed of the freshness of the sea waves, the warmth of velvety sand and complemented by the boundlessness of the horizon.

W.KRUK PURE is a charm of nobility and timelessness. A unique fragrance that seems to shine from the first notes, like the purest diamond. Simply a perfect beauty.

The collection is complemented by W.KRUK BLACK eau de parfume, created for people who are looking for unobvious combinations. The inspiration for the fragrance was the most mysterious deep black diamond. W.KRUK BLACK captures power, courage and intensity in a velvet Oriental setting.

The price for a bottle of W.KRUK fragrance with a capacity of 50 ml is PLN 299. From September this year, four variants of W.KRUK perfumed waters for women and men will be available in 140 brand stores and in the online store From October also in the Sephora perfumery chain and at