Vistula- Spring/Summer Collection 2020

An elegant classic and sophisticated chic with a touch of slack is the quintessence of the Vistula brand collection for the spring-summer 2020 season.
Therefore, the offer includes a wide selection of both formal and more casual proposals. In the casual part of the collection you will find a mix of sports style and the classic world of male elegance - printed t-shirts, light cotton sweaters and hoodies. Among the pants, a wide range of colorful chinos and sports sweatpants attracts attention.

The formal part of the collection is invariably important - suits and jackets.
Suits in classic styles, navy blue or graphite gray. Made of high quality wool, they provide comfort and convenience.
In the spring they also gain a new installment, thanks to the bright colors and the original design with a small check.

In addition to suits, the offer will include jackets - plain or plaid, including a characteristic single-breasted one with avant-garde weave, arranged in a pepita pattern. And also a wide range of shirts: classic white and blue as well as patterned models in typical summer colors and cuts with short sleeves.
For slightly cooler spring days, Vistula offers a collection of lightweight cut jackets in the color of military green khaki or navy blue.