Ladies's suits from VISTULA


Classic never goes out of style. Universal and timeless pieces of clothing are perfect base of any outfit. Considered as a must have in every wardrobe are definitely suits. At VISTULA we believe that this also applies to women. Each of them should have a suit in their wardrobe – an everyday one and another one for bigger events. With this in mind, VISTULA has created a line of female suits.


For over 70 years VISTULA has been continuing the tradition of Krakow's clothing manufacturing, creating collections that inspire Poles. It is not generally known that until 1967 the company sewed both men's as well as women’s clothing. A wealth of knowledge and experience built up over the years allows making high quality suits in line with current trends.  After a long time, once again, also for women.


Suits sewn for ladies consist of two models in black and two models in camel beige. They are made of a blend of top quality Italian lamb wool and elastane. Jackets, single-breasted and double- breasted, are loose fit, have notch lapels and side pockets with a flap. There are two types of trousers. First one with a loose leg extending downwards, high waist with darts and slant pockets. And the second one- with a straight, loose leg. Trousers and jackets of the same color can be freely combined. They are sold separately to give more options. VISTULA suits look great with high heels as well as with sneakers- for ladies who are looking for a well- tailored suit.