#ManyDeniFaces! Deni Cler, as every woman,  has many faces and each face demands a different styling. Deni Cler Spring-Summer collection is as varied as a woman’s wardrobe –garments and accessories found there can be used to build a set for every single day. As every season, Deni Cler proposes day-to-day stylings for both business meetings as well as relaxing days in smart casual style. This season #DeniAndTheCity collection is strongly focused on the summer quality of clothing. The purpose of Deni Cler was to prepare a styling suitable for an out-of-the-city excursion, a walk along a sunny promenade or a warm evening in a pub in the company of good friends. This is reflected in 7 spring-summer capsules - mini-collections where every woman can find something for herself.

GLASS HOUSE – a capsule that brings in the spring climate. Light cotton-wool and printed silk. Artistic patterns in tint remarkably resemble hand-painted ones.
PENTHOUSE – a group of models coming from the “citywear” tab. Urban ambience in soft colours is dominated by white and navy-blue. Gentle additions create a coherent and original look. What is more, in this capsule you will find this season’s trendiest fabrics whose patterns create splendid variations with the logotype.
SKYSCRAPER – a strong breath of spring. Tint, together with black and white. Light-weight, comfortable models in “city glam” style. Very gentle and very feminine.
GREENHOUSE – freedom comes first. This capsule is a green oasis far away from the mundane hustle-and-bustle of the city. Models are inspired by the all-the-rage “workwear” trend. Wonderful, floral prints and rich colours are placed on cotton fabric. Very natural and very eco.
BEACH HUT – is there anyone who has never dreamed of a beach hut to enjoy the sea no matter the weather? This capsule is a beach in a different shape and form! Wet sand and morning jogging, breezy afternoon, rainy evening. Loose-fitted, gilded sweatshirts and comfortable trousers, comfortable gown-cardigans and first linen skirts. Beach Hut is a typical weekend set.
AFRICAN COTTAGE – another casual and relaxed capsule. These models have a variety of applications: great for everyday use, excellent for an outing. The collection is inspired by Africa: earth colours and patterns drawn from African cultures, described as geometrical neotribal print. Jeans in a dark, universal colour comes in the form of trousers and dresses. One may also find another strong trend of this summer: stripes in their wide forms.
STILT HOUSE – the final capsule of the spring-summer 2019 collection is a group inspired by long-distance, exotic holidays. The prevalent elements here are prints, stripes on linen and cotton fabrics, beautiful, colourful flowers. The whole collection is inspired by the folk culture of Indonesia. This capsule is very holiday-oriented: it is dominated by shortish trousers, short overalls and linen shorts.