ORA ITALIANA! Italian tribute to feminine beauty - Deni Cler Collection JZ2019/20

Soft, sublime, nonchalant.

With respect to tradition, fascinated by modernity.

Warm palette of colors, enriched with strong shades of dark chocolate, cinnamon, berry purple and green leaves of citrus trees growing on the southern hills of Italy.

Expressive floral patterns.

Elegant, businesslike silhouettes from the Profashional line, which boldly romance with the culture of sport.

Pencil skirts, flared dresses.

Wrapping coats. Down jackets in which you want to be lost.

Accessories for which you lose your head.

Finishes and details made with jewelry precision.

All this out of love for women and their beauty.

Love defined by Italian temperament, love of life, of world and art.


The collection consists of capsules

GARDEN PARTY. Gentle transition from summer to autumn. To a large extent it consists of visiting silhouettes, gowns and dresses. They are accompanied by soft, casual looks - ideal for holiday trips or a casual weekend. The dominant colors are powder pink and olive. The dominant pattern is an expressive, faunistic - floral pattern, which is painted on crushed  silk.

TAKEWAY - monochromatic, built around the axis of black and white. Urban, dynamic silhouettes. Ideal for work, as well as for the city, as a natural environment of life activity. Dresses, trousers, jackets, sweatshirts. Special attention should be paid to PROFAshional line - typical business silhouettes - consistent with the requirements of the office dress code. In order to facilitate their location in the store, they were provided with a dedicated label and insert. The characteristic motif is the multiplication of the Deni Cler Milano brand name - a print on fabric and tapes, which are the finishing touches to the silhouettes.

BRUNCH - the leading colors are cherry and chocolate. Urban. Nonchalant. Jeanes, soft coats, comfortable sweaters, feminine dresses, pleated skirts, but also a suit. Contrasts of two axial colors, or their mutual complement. Next to them there is an expressive floral motif.

WEEKEND BARBEQUE - Juicy and full, but not pushy, shades of pumpkin yellow, honey and navy blue. Apart from the urban, dynamic silhouettes, there is also the desired classic at its best. Perfectly tailored coats, jackets or costumes worn together or separately. A sheepskin coat with impeccable lines and  hypnotizing shade of grey deserves special attention. Women's parka coats finished with natural fur also steal attention.

SUNDAY BREAKFAST - tempting colors of maple syrup and warm cinnamon. Urbanity mixed with classic Italian style. Jackets with sporty chic, coats adhering to the best tailor traditions. Cashmere and woolen sweaters, knitted skirts. The fashion timeliness of the capsule is emphasized by geometric patterns based on contrasting colors and light, eye-catching down jackets with soft colors and refined details, such as fur collars, carefully finished.

OFFICE LUNCH - the polar colors of the capsule are the shades of coconut milk and green leaves of fruit trees. The urbanity of the capsule is emphasized by dynamic cuts: dresses, skirts, as well as whole silhouette stylizations. Bowing to the classic are the patterns of checks appearing on coats, jackets, but also daily dresses, which are perfect for work or formal meetings. Down jackets of different lengths and finishes also add to the modernity.

COFFE BREAK - Colors of juicy berries and dry dark chocolate. Between them a pinch of noble blue. Urban silhouettes: matching trousers, pleated skirts, silk dresses and blouses away from the body. Comfortable, wrap-around coats. Floristic, contoured pattern. The weekend edition of the city. Full of energy, but also of breath and nonchalance in defining the silhouette.

ELEGANTE - Grande Bal in the Italian edition of Deni Cler Milano. Ball, beautiful dresses in shades of full red and champagne gold. Lace, silk and glittering. Opposite them - perfectly tailored suits, sophisticated silk shirts, blouses and minimalist, but not without momentum dresses in the spirit of small black. They are all an answer to the needs of family and business dinners, visits, parties and balls, big and expressive ones, as well as more intimate, family ones.

ACCESSORIES - bags, shoes, gloves, scarves or earmuffs. They are a complement to every capsule. Their lines, shapes, colours - bring out the strongest meanings of each capsule. They emphasize colours, patterns and textures of materials. On the basis of contrast, complement or full complementarity. They are like chameleons, whose colouring changes the needs and fantasies of the Clients.

CRAFTMANSHIP - ORA ITALIANA - the collection and its title is a hair defined not only by its design, but also by a bow and tribute to the best Italian craftsmanship traditions in the production of luxury goods from the fashion segment. Respect for the highest quality fabrics, such as wool, cashmere, merino wool, from which hand-stitched coats are made. High quality leather, made by masters of tanning. Furs collected from the hands of the best furriers. All this together with the aesthetic line of the collection enhances the impression and experience of total comfort, softness and luxury defined by the excellent mood that accompanies Deni Cler Milano customers both when choosing the collection and when wearing it. The joy of being beautiful and being real self is the constant value at the foot of which Deni Cler Milano places design and craftsmanship. After all, since the very beginning and forever, the best crowning of a woman's figure has been her smile.