Autumn-winter at VRG: more smart casual in brands' collections and a new ambassador of W.KRUK

Cracow, 20 September 2021 r. This season the VRG brands are going for eclecticism: using modern and retro motifs, combining elegance with casual. A new addition to the VISTULA offer will be a full collection addressed to women: VISTULA WOMAN. BYTOM, faithful to traditional tailoring, presents a collection inspired by designs from the 1960s. Wólczanka will offer a full urban autumn-winter collection for women and men, as well as two capsules: Christmas and carnival. Deni Cler, on the other hand, will present a jubilee line to celebrate the brand's 50th anniversary. W.KRUK enters the season with an ambassador collection: inspired by the MEA road theme, created with one of the most respected and talented journalists in Poland, Magda Mołek.

For several years, the VRG Group has been consistently developing the fashion segment towards casual. The common trend for the coming season is to combine formal fashion with an urban style in all collections. The brands propose a combination of elegant cuts with casual and streatwear elements.

The VISTULA brand has taken inspiration for the new season from the Scandinavian philosophy of life and the rugged landscape of Northern Europe. The name of the main collection is NORRSKEN, which means aurora borealis in Swedish. For the first time VISTULA also presents a full collection for women: VISTULA WOMAN. In the following months the brand will show a remodeled showroom format, with new design.

BYTOM, inspired by the 1960s, combines vintage with contemporary tailoring. Wólczanka focuses on casual style and offers comfortable, urban clothes. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its foundation and the 30th anniversary of its presence on the Polish market, Deni Cler Milano presented the jubilee collection "La vita è bella", which is about the love of life. In mid-September W.KRUK presented its original jewellery collection, created in collaboration with a well-known TV journalist and youtuber Magda Mołek.

– Our clothing brands enter the autumn-winter season with new collections that we have composed in response to the latest trends. All the time we develop towards casual fashion, not forgetting about formal fashion. In Vistula and Wólczanka shops our customers will equip themselves with total looks. W.KRUK, in turn, is launching the seventh edition of its ambassador collection – says Radosław Jakociuk, VRG Vice-President responsible for operations and brand divisions.

For the upcoming season, VISTULA focuses on minimalism, simple cuts, a variety of textures and structures. Autumn-winter 2021 also features an extensive range of formal trousers and chinos. A wide range of suits, blazers, shirts, jumpers and turtlenecks can be found in the regular offer. The main autumn-winter NORRSKEN collection is inspired by Scandinavia - its wild and beautiful nature, unique atmospheric phenomena and a lifestyle based on harmony and peace. To feel the Scandinavian atmosphere, VISTULA travelled to the land of harmony, simplicity and moderation, to the Swedish town of Abisko. This place is known as the best observation point for the aurora borealis. The image session for the NORRSKEN collection was shot there.

Simple forms, natural materials and a subtle range of colours allude to the nature of the polar regions. In VISTULA shops you will find thick woollen jumpers and turtlenecks, comfortable sweatshirts, checked flannel shirts, transitional jackets, down and leather jackets. The collection is also rich in classic products: jackets made from the highest quality Italian wool, woollen suits and coats, cotton shirts and formal trousers. Minimalist patterns, muted colours and classic checks dominate here. The dominant colours are earthy: timeless navy blue, maroon, green and grey.

The brand has also prepared an offer aimed at a younger audience, VISTULA RED. In the shops you will also find elements of capsule collections: DAVID BOWIE BY VISTULA (inspired by the style and work of the artist) and VISTULA RETRO MOVE (which is retro-inspired clothing for active people). These clothing models feature the brand's updated logo from the 1990s.

New in the salons and online shop is the full VISTULA WOMAN collection – which will include both casual and more formal products. Jackets and coats, dresses, skirts, classic jackets and trousers, as well as jeans or t-shirts – these are just some of the proposals from the rich women's offer.

Autumn-Winter 2021/2022 at BYTOM is a continuation of the eclectic style: a juxtaposition of vintage styling with contemporary tailoring. The main RETRO FUTURE line has been inspired by Polish industrial design from the 1960s. The campaign for the latest collection was created in Karpacz and uses an analogue photo by Stanisław Boniecki and a film by cinematographer Marcin Morawiecki.

When creating the collection, high-quality fabrics from renowned Italian manufacturers were used. Particularly noteworthy is a suit made from a blend of wool with cotton, which deceptively resembles denim. BYTOM also offers clothes made of elastic knitwear. The brand pays attention to the needs of clients, who expect jackets to be comfortable, soft and well-fitted to the figure. It juxtaposes fabric patterns characteristic of past decades with modern cuts.

Apart from standard formal suits, you can also find models with a clear and eye-catching check pattern, inspired by the 1960s. The new season at BYTOM also includes shirts and sweatshirts of various patterns, colours and textures. Particularly noteworthy are turtlenecks made of noble yarn with cashmere, as well as those with a characteristic pepita pattern. Additionally, for Christmas, there will be an offer of jumpers inspired by traditional Scandinavian design.

BYTOM has been supporting Polish culture and art for years, creating clothes inspired by the works of famous Polish artists. This season BYTOM proposes the BYTOM x BEKSIŃSKI capsule, which refers to the oneiric-surrealistic works of one of the most original Polish painters of the 20th century - Zdzisław Beksiński. Reproductions of the paintings were translated directly onto t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets in the form of a large, uniform print or cut, scaled elements of the works. The colour scheme refers directly to the colour palette used by Beksinski and refers to black, navy blue and shades of caramel. The offer also includes albums dedicated to the work of Zdzisław Beksiński. The collection was created in collaboration with the Historical Museum in Sanok.

For the autumn-winter 2021/2022 season Wólczanka has prepared clothes and accessories in a modern, casual style. The autumn patterns are based on intense colours - blue, green, red and orange. There are also natural shades: khaki, beige and brown. The brand offers corduroy trousers, jackets and blazers. The novelty will be comfortable fleece sweatshirts, jackets and insulated waistcoats.

Wólczanka's winter offer includes warm plaid jumpers, turtlenecks, flannel shirts made of melange fabrics, jackets, hats and scarves. This season Wólczanka will also offer warm garments - elegant women's coats with wool blends and jackets insulated with natural down. The colour base is natural, cold grey and navy blue. Christmas capsule will be built by jumpers with characteristic motives: Christmas trees, reindeer, mountains and snow. Shirts, skirts and dresses glittering with silver and gold will create a carnival set.

The brand has also created a semi-formal collection in classic, minimalistic style, which is the answer to the modern office dress code. The men's section features warm coats in the form of flannel jackets. The line for autumn-winter 2021/2022 is complemented by handbags, belts, scarves and winter accessories, hats and thick scarves.

To move with the times, Deni Cler constantly observes the changing world and adapts to women's needs. Combining timeless elegance with a casual style, naturalness and comfort has become the brand's hallmark. This year Deni Cler is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its foundation and the 30th anniversary of its presence on the Polish market. The jubilee collection "La vita è bella", or "Life is beautiful", was created on this occasion. It is the brand's response to the difficult time of the pandemic. The designers' goal was to create clothes that are not only elegant, but also comfortable.

The latest Deni Cler collection consists of six capsules. The first one, "Let's party", is designed for early autumn parties and meetings with friends. Corduroy and denim predominate in the casual style. The colour base consists of shades of fresh green, navy blue and trendy pastel blues. "Back to office" is business clothing with subtle casual elements. Soft fabrics create an urban style effect with a strong emphasis on comfort. The third proposal, "Black label", was developed using a black and white palette. "Happy shopping", on the other hand, combines timeless caramel or red with black, and plays with structures and forms. "Give me a hug", speaks of the need for closeness in times of pandemic. It is dominated by soft greys and warm tones. The brand also offers soft cashmere hats, scarves and gloves and bags. The capsule, "I can and I will", emphasises the strength of women. Its visible element is natural leather.

W.KRUK presents its ambassador of autumn-winter collection created in collaboration with Magda Mołek. Made of silver, the gilded jewellery designs are a jeweller's record of life's trajectory. The latest W.KRUK project includes both modern jewellery and accessories (bags and scarves).

Inspired by the theme of the road, MEA jewellery is made of silver and plated with 14-carat gold. The collection is based on XXL designs. Each model features an irregular road motif, written by master jewellers from W.KRUK Manufactory.

As part of the MEA collection and for the first time in cooperation with the ambassador, the designers at W.KRUK have also created accessories whose patterns and colours refer to the symbolism of the road. They designed 6 colourful silk scarves, but also leather bags, cases and wallets inspired by the style of Magda Mołek.


VRG S.A. (former name Vistula Group S.A.) has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1993. The VRG S.A. Capital Group specializes in the design and distribution of high quality fashion collections for men and women and jewelry. It owns highly recognizable trademarks in five main lines: Vistula, Bytom, Wólczanka, Deni Cler Milano (DCG S.A.) and the oldest jewelry brand in Poland W.KRUK (W.KRUK S.A.). The VRG S.A. Capital Group focuses on brand management, design of clothing and jewelry and development of its own sales network in both main segments (clothing and jewelry). Since 2000, the basis of VRG S.A.'s strategy has been to realize the vision of a "House of Brands" and a distributor in the retail market.

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