Jacek Koman and Maciej Musiałowski, the faces of the new BYTOM spring/summer 2020 campaign, join the group of exceptional figures cooperating with the BYTOM brand as part of promotion of Polish culture and art. Jacek Koman is an artist with international experience, a film and theater actor with extraordinary acting artistry and characteristic voice, which viewers around the world remember from the musical "Moulin Rouge", among others. Maciej Musiałowski is a talented theater and film actor of the young generation. Both characters can be seen in the film "Suicide Room. Hater", in which Maciej makes his debut in the main role.
The spring-summer aspect of the BYTOM brand is presented in pictures of two exceptional personalities of Polish cinema and theater, authored by a talented young photographer - Sonia Szóstak. Her works tell the story of the artists' acquaintanceship and relation, and the unique style she uses gives the photos a sentimental character. The vintage photography series presents the brand's style combining 75 years of male tailoring tradition with contemporary trends.
As a result of the brand's cooperation with actors, a video was also created, filled with even greater emotions. The dynamic image, full of movements and gestures, introduces a lot of energy and optimism.
The clothes in which the actors appeared are casual in nature, despite the fact that they consist of products derived from the formal style. The new styling face of the brand is reflected both in the modernized design of jackets (almost without fillings, with sewn-on pockets) as well as in the accessories: soft, linen shirts and knitwear, as well as an innovative combinations of patterns and colors. The colors of the collection were built with the use of shades transferred from Polish beaches, where light blue, beige and warm shades of brown appear against the background of navy blue. The fabrics from which the products were sewn are blends of wool, linen, and even washed cotton and seersucker (waffled fabric).