The BYTOM autumn-winter collection is a continuation of the Retro Future style combining vintage with modern forms. This time the flashback goes back to the 1960s and is inspired by Polish industrial design from that era. The leitmotif of the new collection is eclecticism. It dominates individual elements of the collection, but also, and perhaps above all, in the proposed styles.

The main line of the collection (Retro Future) combines the tradition of classic tailoring with modern thinking about a jacket or a suit. The brand combines fabric patterns, characteristic of past decades, with a modern cut. Apart from standard formal suits, we can find, among others models with a clear and eye-catching checkered pattern inspired by the 1960s.

When creating the collection, high-quality fabrics from renowned Italian manufacturers were used. Particularly noteworthy is e.g. a suit made of a mixture of wool and cotton, which resembles jeans. The offer also includes proposals made of elastic knitwear. With such projects, Bytom perfectly fits the prevailing trends and responds to the needs of customers who expect jackets to be comfortable, soft and to fit the figure perfectly.

The collection of shirts is a variety of patterns and colors. Micro-patterns, strong flannel checkers or extremely interesting denim jacquards are only part of the autumn offer.

The sweaters also included various weaves and colors. Turtlenecks made of fine yarn with cashmere, as well as those with a characteristic pepita pattern, deserve particular attention. Another interesting proposition are sweaters with a sweatshirt fit – zippered, with a hood, signed with an embroidered letter "B" on the chest and those with large geometric patterns. Additionally, an offer of sweaters inspired by traditional Scandinavian design has been prepared especially for the holidays.

Sweatshirts are another product category that has widely grown this season. Garments with printed geometric patterns occupy a special place, but the offer also includes variants with prints of photographs of excellent buildings. Another novelty are sweatshirts in three colors with a distinct washed-out effect.

As every year, Bytom returns with a wide range of autumn and winter jackets. Bomber jackets made of coat fabrics are a novelty. Models with thermal padding are also noteworthy, as they combine the latest technologies and a great visual effect. The collection also includes jackets made of printed fabrics. This time, patterns such as checkers and pepita, associated mainly with wool, have been transferred to practical nylon. The combination of mat with gloss, various textures and original details make it an offer for a wide audience.

This year's coats perfectly illustrate the eclectic idea of the BYTOM collection. These include classic, one-color Chesterfield coats, as well as eye-catching checkers and melange herringbones.