For years, the BYTOM brand has referred to Polish culture and art, both classical and contemporary, in its collections and communication. Many times, we have invited outstanding personalities - actors, musicians, photographers, writers - to participate in the campaigns. We cooperate with renowned artists and remind about outstanding personalities by creating collections of garments.  We are patrons of artistic events.

The current collection proposed by BYTOM brand and the campaign promoting it are unique. This is due to the fact that the BYTOM brand celebrates its 75th anniversary this year.

We have emphasized this extraordinary anniversary by creating two collections strongly embedded in contemporary design - RETRO FUTURE and MONOGRAM. Both are our Polish response to the latest trends in the world's men's fashion. The Autumn-Winter 2020 campaign was carried out in the interiors of one of the most beautiful museums in Poland - the National Museum in Warsaw.

The author of the photo shoot and the director of the film, Zuza Krajewska, invited two very talented artists - cinematographer Mateusz Dziekoński and countertenor Michał Sławecki to cooperate in the campaign.
The dignified interiors of the museum, juxtaposed with modern stylizations, in which we combine formal with casual or streetwear, plus the charisma of a world-class model - created a poetic, very contemporary picture. The wonderful voice of Michał Sławecki in "Vedro con mio diletto" from Antonio Vivaldi's opera "Il Giustino" perfectly emphasized the amazing atmosphere of the film.
The pictures and films used in the campaign featured selected works of art from the Polish and world art collections of the National Museum, which number over 800 thousand, as well as the modernist architecture of the building itself. We decided to emphasize the exceptional 75th anniversary of BYTOM brand by showing one of the most recognizable works in the history of Polish painting - the painting "Battle of Grunwald" by Jan Matejko.

The BYTOM RETRO FUTURE collection represents eclecticism in fashion, combining patterns of fabrics from past years and showing them in a contemporary tailor's take: the new formal and the new casual. The BYTOM MONOGRAM collection uses the letter B, creating a very modern pattern that also refers to the classics of Polish design. We have introduced it into almost every element of the designed wardrobe - from a suit to a tracksuit.
On the 75th anniversary of our existence, we continue to create new collections and respond to the needs of our customers.