Once again BYTOM combines the art of tailoring with art, this time... with film.
We invited Jan Frycz, a master of acting, to co-create the BYTOM AUTUMN-WINTER 2019 collection, together with the debuting actor of the young generation, Kamil Nożyński. Their photo shoot was made in the scenery of the Warsaw SPATIF - a legendary meeting place for artistic bohemia.

The collection called HERITAGE/DZIEDZICTWO combines the traditions of Italian weaving since 1663 VITALE BARBERIS CANONICO with the tradition of modern Polish tailoring since 1945 BYTOM. AUTUMN-WINTER 2019 is a unique collection created as part of a unique project of cooperation between the Polish clothing brand BYTOM and a renowned Italian textile factory. The whole collection is in keeping with vintage atmosphere of the 80s.
The stylizations prepared for the heroes include perfectly tailored suits with wide lapels with characteristic dressing, sewn from high quality noble texture and flannel fabrics, checked or melange in shades of navy blues, camels and browns. Suits are complemented by vests with original finishes, cotton striped shirts, knitted turtlenecks and felt hats. An important element of the collection are warm yet light coats - long cotton and fleshy double - breasted wool, in shades of black and beige. BYTOM AUTUMN-WINTER 2019 is an essence of timeless elegance, a collection in which tradition meets the vision of modern tailoring, where the art of tailoring meets the art of film and the art of life.