Tomek Lipiński – Polish rock musician (vocalist and guitarist, lyricist, recorded several albums with various musicians), leader and cofounder of a few bands: Tilt, Brygada Kryzys, Fotoness; awarded the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta by the President of Poland; the chairman of the Council of Music Export Poland Foundation; the member of the Society of Authors ZAiKS Bureau.

Dawid Ogrodnik – Polish film and theatre actor, considered to be one of the most interesting European actors of young generation, known for his roles in Jesteś Bogiem (You Are God), Chce się żyć (Life Feels Good), Ida, Ostatnia rodzina (The Last Family), Cicha noc (Silent Night) and many others; a musician by education.

Spring – Summer 2019 Bytom collection presented by the personalities is the clash of two strong trends. It is the collaboration of the modernity with the past maintained in the classic style of men’s fashion. On the one hand, it is the vintage spirit of BYTOM brand, whose history began in 1945, reaching for the 80s stylistics, which is the general trend in global fashion. On the other hand, it is stage extravagance of jazz and swing musicians (jazz music has left its mark in the history of culture and art of the 20th and 21st centuries becoming a part of the world cultural heritage, which is clearly stated by the BYTOM brand).

The first trend manifests itself in wide lapels, both notch and peak, and a rather loose cut of a suit. The combination of colors and patterns – in this case, wide stripes on a shirt versus narrow stripes on a suit – refers directly to the look of musicians of the 80s. Strong, navy blue stripes emphasize rock independence, and red are simply the provenance of the punk style. The colors used in the collection are not exactly classic. Navy blue, blue or light gray revolve around their warmer shades, also bringing the character of old times or retro style. The second look, evening style, is characterized by a strong contrast between the white jackets and pitch black trousers. An obvious reference to jazz or even swing improvisations. White shirts with wide collars in combination with white jackets with prominent peak lapels were nonchalantly combined with blown out of proportion accessories like a huge bowtie or black rose in a buttonhole. The whole collection is made of the best quality of Italian shirt and suit fabrics, sewn in Polish sewing rooms.