Current report No. 7/2019

Legal basis: Art. 70 item 1 of Ustawa o ofercie (the Act on an offer) - purchase or sale of a significant block of shares.

Subject: Notification regarding a significant block of shares.

VRG S.A. joint stock company in Cracow (hereinafter: "the Company") informs that on 21 March, 2019, it received from the Nationale-Nederlanden Powszechne Towarzystwo Emerytalne S.A (Nationale-Nederlanden Universal Pension Fund, joint stock company) with its registered office in Warsaw, a notification prepared pursuant to Art. 69 sect. 2 pt. 1 la of Ustawa z dnia 29 lipca 2005 r. o ofercie publicznej i warunkach wprowadzania instrumentów finansowych do zorganizowanego systemu obrotu oraz o spółkach publicznych (Dz.U z 2009, Nr 185, poz. 1439 z późn. zm.) (the Act of 29 July, 2005 on Public Offering, Conditions Governing the Introduction of Financial Instruments to Organized Trading, and Public Companies, Journal of Laws of 2009, No. 185, item 1439, as amended) containing information that as a result of purchasing the Company's shares in a transaction on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, settled on 15 March, 2019, Nationale-Nederlanden Otwarty Fundusz Emerytalny (Nationale-Nederlanden Open Pension Fund, hereinafter: “OPF”) increased the Company's shareholding by at least 2% of votes at the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company.

At the same time, pursuant to Art. 87 sect. 1 item 5 of the above-mentioned Act, Nationale-Nederlanden Powszechne Towarzystwo Emerytalne  S.A. informed the Company that as a result of the same transaction managed by Nationale-Nederlanden Powszechne Towarzystwo Emerytalne S.A. funds: Nationale-Nederlanden Otwarty Fundusz Emerytalny and Nationale-Nederlanden Dobrowolny  Fundusz Emerytalny (Nationale-Nederlanden Voluntary Pension Fund, hereinafter: "VPF") increased the total holding of the Company's shares by at least 2% of votes at the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company.

The notification referred to above, containing an additional table showing the number of shares and votes before and after the transaction is settled, constitutes an attachment to this report.

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