Current report no. 26/2021

Legal basis: Article 17 sect. 1 of the MAR - Confidential information.

Subject: Conclusion of a loan agreement.

VRG S.A. with its registered office in Krakow ("Company"), hereby notifies that on April 29, 2021, an annex to the multi-product agreement with ING Bank Śląski S.A. signed on April 28, 2021 based in Katowice (hereinafter: the "Bank") regarding the renewal and increase of the credit limit for the multi-product line including: working capital loans in bank accounts and other services including: bank guarantees, letters of credit and discount transactions (reverse purchase of receivables) up to a total limit of 55,000 thousand . PLN for the period until November 29, 2022, and then with its reduction by 2,000,000 each time. PLN in terms: from November 30, 2022, December 31, 2022, January 31, 2023, February 28, 2023, March 31, 2023 with the final deadline until April 20, 2023.

The collaterals for the above-mentioned limit are: a guarantee of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego up to 80% of the granted loan amount, a declaration of submission to enforcement in the form of a notarial deed pursuant to Art. 777 of the Code of Civil Procedure, registered pledge on BYTOM trademarks (verbal and word-figurative), word-figurative trademark INTERMODA, registered pledges on BYTOM brand inventories along with assignment of insurance policies for these inventories and assignment of proceeds from payment cards servicing BYTOM stores. In addition, a working capital loan in the form of a revolving line up to 110% of the credit limit is used as security for servicing the repayment of the Company's liabilities under the products available under the multi-product line.

The financing documents provide for information obligations towards the Bank, as well as the obligation to maintain certain financial ratios and other obligations.

The terms of the financing documents do not differ from those commonly used for this type of agreement.