Current report No. 14/2019

Legal basis: Art. 56 sect. 1 pt 2 of Ustawa o ofercie (the Act on an offer) - current and periodic information

Subject: Resignation of a supervisor

VRG S.A. joint stock company with its registered office in Cracow ("the Company") informs that on 9 April, 2019, it received a statement from Ms. Katarzyna Basiak-Gała about resignation from the function of a member of the Company's Supervisory Board on the day of the next General Meeting of the Company. The statement of Ms. Katarzyna Basiak-Gała referred to above was made pursuant to Art. 26 of Ustawa z dnia 21 sierpnia 1997 roku o ograniczeniu prowadzenia działalności gospodarczej przez osoby pełniące funkcje publiczne (Dz. U. 2017 poz. 1393 ze zm.) (the Act of 21 August 1997 on limitation of conducting business activity by persons performing public functions, Journal of Laws of 2017, item 1393, as amended).