Current report No. 13/2019

Legal basis: Art. 56 sect. 1 item 2 of Ustawa o ofercie (the Act on an offer) - current and periodic information

Subject: Summary of information on the issue costs of the Issuer's O series shares

VRG S.A. joint stock company with its registered office in Cracow ("Issuer"), with reference to the contents of current report No. 3/2019 containing information summarizing the issue of 53,2660,876 ordinary bearer O series shares, issued as part of the public offering in connection with the merger of the Issuer with the Bytom S.A. company with its registered office in Cracow ("the Acquired Company") and introduced to trading on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange S.A. on 28 December 2018,  informs that the total costs of issuing series O shares calculated on the basis of invoices received and accepted by the Issuer from external entities participating in the preparation and issue of O series shares and their introduction to exchange trading, amounted to PLN 755,827.36 net, including:
a) preparing and conducting the offer (including official, court and notarial fees as well as costs related to the activities of the National Depository for Securities SA and the Warsaw Stock Exchange in connection with the registration of O series shares and their introduction to public trading): PLN 580,827.36,
b) remuneration of underwriters: not applicable,
c) preparation of an information memorandum with consultancy costs: PLN 175,000.00,
d) promotion of the offer: not applicable.
The method of settlement of the above costs in accounting books and the method of their recognition in the financial statements: The incurred costs of issue of the shares in the total amount of PLN 755,827.36 were settled in the books to reduce the surplus of the assets of the Acquired Company and were recognized in the financial statements in Goodwill position. The average cost of conducting the issue per one share of the O series was: PLN 0.014